Zirconium is a white metal with light transmittance. It is a highly durable alloy with high biocompatibility and aesthetic success, used as the infrastructure of porcelain material, applied in fixed prostheses.

It is a good alternative to metal-supported fixed prostheses, there is no graying in the gums. The most important feature is that such a solid material has good light transmittance. This situation provides very good aesthetic results. It is an ideal dental coating material that can be used comfortably in patients with metal allergies. Zirconium has low thermal conductivity, it does not cause sensitivity in teeth.

It can be applied to both anterior and posterior teeth. It is suitable for use in single tooth crowns or bridge prostheses. Zirconium can also be applied on implants. The choice of a tissue-friendly material against possible infections and the right technique and careful work of the physician have made zirconium successful in implanted prostheses.