Gingival color is often described as coral pink. Gingival color can vary between individuals and is a condition related to pigmentation on the skin.

It appears lighter in fair-skinned people, while darker in dark-skinned people. The surface structure of healthy gums is rough and looks like an orange peel. When the health of the gums deteriorates, this rough appearance disappears. The deterioration of gum health or the condition we define as gum disease is usually caused by tartar accumulating on the upper part of the gum or in the gum.

Tooth stone cleaning; It is the cleaning of dental stones, which can cause infection, bleeding and pain in the gums when they accumulate, with hand tools and ultrasonic tools. If it is not cleaned, damage to the bone around the tooth and gingival recession are observed in the long term. Another purpose of tartar cleaning is to clean the stains on the teeth and to make the teeth appear whiter.

Curettage; It is the cleaning of bacterial foci in the gum pocket with local anesthesia in cases where gingival disease and tartar progresses to deep tissues.

Flap operation; When there are areas that cannot be reached by curettage, the area is opened surgically, we clean the tooth roots by seeing them, and they are closed with stitches.

Gngivectomy-gingivoplasty; Asymmetrical or longer gums are corrected in a single session with local anesthesia. Smile aesthetics is achieved with this method.