The process of bleaching colored teeth with chemical methods is often preferred because it is protective. Bleaching has become an integral part of aesthetic dentistry.

It can be applied safely to all teeth. After determining the reasons for the coloring, tea, coffee and tobacco use habits are evaluated. Hard and soft tissue analysis and radiological examinations are performed and oral hygiene training is given before starting the procedure.

The essence of bleaching is to change the compounds that cause colorless structures to color. This is done using hydrogen peroxide through oxidation. The gel is applied by the dentist by rubbing it on the surface of the teeth.

A certain time is expected. The applied gel is cleaned and the process is completed. The permanence of the obtained whiteness depends on the patient's diet, surface properties of the teeth and oral hygiene. There is also a home application type. Since it is less effective, it is used as an adjunct to the main treatment.