This area aims to both protect and treat children's milk and permanent teeth. From infancy, it monitors the development of the chin face area of ​​children and takes protective measures.

Dentist controls starting from 6 months to 1 year of age continue every 6 months and the effect of teeth on the growing jaw bones is evaluated. Detailed information about the nutrition of the child and oral hygiene training are given to the parents and the child. The parent must help him / her until the child is able to brush his teeth.

Long-term use of pacifiers and bottles can cause jaw and tooth disorders in children. When they are fed with sugary or honey milk, especially after the age of 1, common caries occur in children during night sleep, and these teeth may have to be removed at an earlier age than the age they should fall off and eventually orthodontic treatment may be needed.

Fissure sealant and fluoride application are among the most common preventive treatments for pediatric patients. Fissure sealant application; The most common is the filling of the recessed surfaces with a fluid filling material. In fluorine application, the liquid fluoride is applied to the teeth and waited before the child is swallowed, the teeth are loaded with fluorine and the teeth become more resistant to decay. It should be applied by the dentist every 6 months, depending on the caries activity of the child.