As a result of deep caries, fractures, acute and chronic trauma in the teeth, nerves can be damaged and cause irreversible pain or sensitivity. In such a case, the nerve-vascular package inside the canals in the teeth is removed with the help of special tools and the inside of the canals are cleaned. The canal is then filled with filling materials. This entire protocol is called root canal therapy.

Since the root canal treatment will be performed after local anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain during the procedure. Treatment can be single or multiple sessions. Root canal treatment and filling are different procedures performed on the same tooth. If the physician deems it necessary, a porcelain crown is made according to the destruction of the tooth to prevent the weakened tooth from breaking. In cases such as obstruction in the canals of the teeth, stenosis, excessive curvature in the roots, and persistent infection, treatment may fail (5-10%).