In order to restore the chewing function and aesthetics in tooth deficiencies, we can briefly call the artificial tooth root application, which is placed on the jawbone, made of titanium and can be made of prosthesis with various materials. applicable. While implant dental treatment can be applied to elderly patients with suitable health conditions, implant dental treatment cannot be applied to patients whose bone development is not completed.

Only the area where implant dental treatment will be performed is anesthetized with local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel anything and the implant tooth is placed in the bone within 10 minutes. After the procedure, the medications to be used and the rules to be applied are explained to the patient and our patient is sent home to rest. Depending on the healing process, the patient is called for prosthetic tooth construction after 3, 4 or 6 months, and the implant denture is completed within 3 days and our patient is the fastest and healthy In order to use their new teeth comfortably, they are given the necessary information.

Implant teeth are preferred especially in single tooth deficiencies due to the availability of suitable bone and because it is more protective than bridge dental treatment. Implant dental treatment allows the patient to use fixed prosthesis instead of removable prosthesis in cases of multiple tooth deficiencies or complete edentulism.

If the bone in the area to be treated with implant dental treatment is insufficient, the bone in that area can be made suitable for implant tooth construction with the graft (bone powder) materials taken from the patient himself or from the outside during implant tooth construction.

It is an implant dental treatment technique applied in cases of complete edentulism. It is applied to patients who do not want to use removable prostheses and who do not have a jawbone that can be made standard fixed prosthesis. It is the first step of 4 (four) implant teeth placed on a single jawbone at certain angles and temporary fixed prosthetic dental treatment on the same day. After waiting 3 (three) months, permanent fixed denture teeth are made. It is performed with local anesthesia like standard implant dental applications and the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. Although it is a newer treatment compared to other dental implant applications, scientific studies have shown a high success rate in long-term follow-up.