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Implantology is a branch of dentistry is one of the most modern solutions today to “treat all types of tooth loss, from missing one tooth to loss of all teeth”.

Implantology bridges the gap between the two fields of dentistry. These; oral surgery and dental prosthesis (dental crowns)

The term implantology refers to the procedure that deals with any type of tooth loss. The main focus of implantology is dental implant procedures as the most modern solution to tooth loss problems.

In summary; In short, we can call implant dental treatment the application of artificial tooth root, which is placed in the jawbone in order to restore chewing function and aesthetics in tooth deficiencies, produced from titanium and on which prosthesis can be made with various materials.

Due to the increasingly rapid development of implantology, the dental implantation process requires highly trained personnel, excellent medical equipment and represents an almost painless and risk-free dental procedure.

Also, this branch of dentistry can almost completely eliminate potential problems with food consumption or speech caused by tooth loss.


  • Consultations with the expert before the procedure,
  • Dental implantation procedures performed according to the highest standards,
  • Use of high quality materials,
  • Modern equipped expert examination rooms for operational procedures,
  • Affordable prices and guarantees for dental implants,
  • Full support after dental implantation,
  • Satisfaction with the service provided and a beautiful smile

Implant dental treatment is preferred especially in single tooth deficiencies because of the availability of appropriate bone and because it is more protective than bridge tooth treatment.

Implant dental treatment allows the patient to use a fixed prosthesis instead of a removable prosthesis in cases of multiple tooth deficiencies or complete edentulism.

If the bone in the area where the implant will be treated is insufficient, the bone in that area can be made suitable for implant tooth production with the graft (bone powder) materials taken from the patient or taken from the outside before or during the implant tooth construction.

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